Feedback from English speaking participants

We thank all the students from all over the world who took the time to give their feedback during the conference or later. They all accepted to share their feelings about Dr. Tan’s teaching and his Balance Method.
Should you like to send us your feedback, please email it to us.

Testimonials from practitioners using Dr. Tan’s Balance Method for years

Live feedback from Auckland training!

After attending my first seminar with Dr. Tan one year ago, my practice’s effectiveness and success went up as a rocket. I got a medical degree in Colombia – South America and currently work as Oriental Medicine Doctor in Florida-USA. I can tell he is the best teacher I ever had. He is a master, he is not only brilliant, but compassionate and selfless since he has shared all his knowledge with us. Besides, first time I do not get sleep after lunch in a seminar:). I am very grateful to him on every day I perform a treatment. Thank You Dr. Tan.~Dr. Sandra Mora, Florida, USA

Dear Dr Tan
I want to thank you very very much for the wonderful training I got in Lausanne.
These five systems of treatement are so beautiful and because of your great generosity you gave us the pure light to understand what we are doing when we use needles on patients.
When I came back in Mulhouse (France) from the training I was very high happy and had so much good thoughts for all these wise men in the ancient time who made the beauty of the chinese medicine.

Today in the 21’th century I think your are the most important of these wise men because the occidental use of acupuncture could be a danger for the real magnificent traditional chinese acupuncture.

The world’s gone wrong with the use of to much antibiotics to much vaccins etc. I was myself in a biological company many years ago and I knew at that time that we were doing bad things for the humanity with the genetical research. With the occidental thinking , we are also doing bad thing’s when we pretend to use acupuncture but in reality only in a stupid way.

Yesterday and today I got a big joy in my heart because for the first time I have the feeling that my needles are smart I tried 3 times your method with system 1, system 2 and 5 for knee-pains, and back-pains and 3 times in a few minute pains
are totally gone . My good thought’s are immediately gone to you, and with these few words I just wanted to relate you all my gratitude for you.
I send you all my best regards , have a nice trip in France every where in Europe and in the world.

Dear Dr Delphine Armand
I also want to thank you for your very high level staff organisation.
best regards to you~Claude B. Guerre, France

It’s been two weeks ago already that I attended dr. Tan’s class in Utrecht.
As a feedback I wanted to tell that I really enjoyed that friday. (Regretfully I was ill the day before) and I regret that I didn’t enrole for the 4 days.
The atmosphere and energy of the whole day was very fine.
With his refreshing method en his enthousiasm dr. Tan has given me so much new inspiration as an acupuncturist. It’s tremendous! The first evening already I had these wonderful results in my treatments and suddenly much more clients come to me. I definitely want to learn much more about this! Would you please say thanx to dr. Tan for sharing his knowlege and enthousiasm. And thanx to you for your enthousiastic way of organising the day.~Corinne Bakker, The Netherlands

I just wanted to say that the course as one of the best courses I have attended on acupuncture and the method and the results were amazing. I have now implemented fully Dr Tans method in my clinic and continue to learn the system each day by reviewing my notes.~Padda Sukhjendar, UK

I can honestly say that this is the best course I have done in 20 years of practice. Dr Tan’s method finally brings together all the pieces of the puzzle and makes sense of the channel system which I have struggled up to now to incorporate into clinical practice. The results are spectacular and are the kind of miracles that I had heard were possible but had rarely seen in my own practice.
I thoroughly recommend this course to all acupuncturists, this is the real deal.
But, please don’t move to my town because I am enjoying my new reputation as ‘the magic man’!.~Greg Dorn, New Zealand

The recent London training with Dr Tan and his team was quite simply excellent. Highly knowledgeable but also entertaining and fun. I am using Dr Tan’s method for practically every client. I am looking forward to the Advanced Training in November.~Mark Shepherd, UK

Awesome seminar, best I have ever been to; thank you both. It has given me even more passion about acupuncture. I have been implementing Dr Tan’s method from Monday on with stunning results and surprised looks on patients faces. I tried my Chinese sage face on, the one that says ” yes, I know, the pain is gone”.
Hopefully will see each other on future seminars. Safe travels and good health.~Dirk Weishaupt, New Zealand

It was pleasure meeting Dr Tan and You.
I am glad that I have attended this training in Wellington. It’s really effective and increasing the flow of patient in our clinic.
We are three practitioners in our clinic and all of us using the same technique, I think you know them Szenan and Polly. Our clinic name is Centre of balance.
I really want to come into October class. I am looking forward to see Dr. Tan.

Dr Tan is my best teacher I ever seen in my life. I am very thankful to him.~Chirag Sojitra, New Zealand

The course was awesome!
I really really enjoyed it.
Dr Tan was inspirational, entertaining, and insightful.
I’ve learned loads & will definitely be practicing Dr. Tan’s methods from now on…
Why? Because it’s “simple, logical and it works!”

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you both in November (LONDON)!~Angela Lin, Ireland

Dear Shifu (Master in Chinese),
I am so grateful that you have blessed my life.

I started practice on June 22, 1999. I struggled until I met you on March 6, 2006. That day changed my life. You took away my chronic scapular pain of over 10 years in just a few minutes during your class. I could not play my violin for over 2 years. I was grateful that Eileen invited the students that day to have dinner with you that night. I was so impressed by your instant work, your loyal students and your charm that I knew your method would be permanently part of my life.

I never turned back after I switched to your style that day. On January 24, 2007 I became fully self-employed as a licensed acupuncturist. My practice grew exponentially. I signed my first commercial lease in 2009.
In 2010, I made more money that I had since 1999. In 2011, I tripled the size of my office space.

Thank you for my great life, Dr. Tan. Thank you for helping me help so many people. Because of your work, I can serve so many people daily. Ever since I met you, I started a testimonials page from my own patients. I’m so busy that I can’t track all of my patients for testimonials, but here are some since the day I started your Balance Method: In one of your books, you humbly stated that you give each of your students a brick and you look forward to having us return jade to you. The testimonials from all of my patients are my jade as proof that your method works with ANY kind of condition presented.

Xie xie nin, Shifu. My family and I love you and are forever in your debt.

Love~Anna Dolopo, California, USA

To Dr Tan:
It was a total mind opening and one point in life of an opportunity where past experiences in Acupuncture collaborate and I am now able to view the once believed flat earth to around sphere. The logical explanation and clarification of mysteriously mislead principles of oriental medicine. Your teachings lead me to another level of understanding and practicing in acupuncture.
It’s been second day after the Melbourne seminar, like you mentioned i have put the teachings into practice straight on Monday and today and seeing clients not like other past days of practice I feel more and more comfortable like having answer paper right in front of my exams or feeling like the almighty God behind my back everywhere i go. Every day from now on I will forever use TanWuBian Balancing acupuncture until my life confronts the inevitable universal rule.
I really appreciate that you are teaching and sharing your experience and trying to revolutionize acupuncture.

To Dr. Tan’s assistant:
Thank you for your support and hard work the conference, it wouldn’t have been as success without you.
You were able to lead and answer all the queries from students before it reached Dr Tan which would have helped to maintain his energy.~Regor Gold, Australia

Thank you so much and I hope the universe blesses Dr. Tan and all those who work with him, for putting out such wonderful teachings .. helping more people because of Acup 123.. just love it.. thank you..~Gulshan Noorani, UK

I‘m Mahmoud Manssour an Orthpaedic Surgeon from Poland
I’ve attended your course in London 3 weeks ago
It was a great experience and I’m still feel like a dream that I got such means to treat patients in this way – thanks to you guys
I would like to pass thank you to you and Dr. Tan for a great time.
I’ve practiced on my friends and family so far with a huge impression.~Mahmoud Manssour, Poland

I‘ve participated in dr. Tan’s training in Utrecht 3-6 July 2014.
Thanks to dr. Tan’s balance method I had many happy patients during the week after the training :-) Some people with severe pain had a reduction of at least 50% during their first treatment.
So, I will for sure continue to use dr. Tan’s method!~Kris Oosting, The Netherlands

It was really nice to meet you all at the training. I must say that I enjoyed it very much and have already put the balance method in to practice this morning. It went GREAT !~Daniel Windridge, Ireland

I attended Dr. Tan’s Course last September 12 – 15 in Sydney. You were so kind to allow me to help you with registration so I could afford to attend the 4 day course. I have now graduated and opened my own clinic and exclusively use the Balance Method. That course had such an impact on me and I am so thankful and grateful to you!!~RJ Singer, Australia

Thank you for an amazing weekend. Both you and Dr. Tan were fantastic and I would highly recommend the course to anyone! Dr. Tan is very easy to listen to, great at explaining and his use of diagrams are extremely helpful also. It was also fantastic that we had the opportunity to bring in clients to be treated as the live demonstrations helped me understand his approach to the different ways we can treat pain. I learned a lot over the weekend!~Caroline McHugh, Ireland

After attending Dr. Tan’s Balance class I got home to Norway and changed the whole clinic. I got instant amazing results. People laughing on the clinic bed because the pain went away. I am so grateful to Dr. Tan for travelling around the world and teaching us this. As I told Dr Tan in Copenhagen “I knew it was a key in acupuncture to cure pain, and now I found it!”. People also start crying because they can’t belive what is happening to them. Thanks a lot Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan!!
Best wishes from Kristina Skeie, Norway.~Kristina Skeie, Norway

What a course , Dr. Tan is the Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li of acupuncture balancing systems. His methods are logical, powerful fast acting and will definetly change your way of treating clients.
The course was delivered in a uniquely engaging, fun, & practical way. Dr. tan delivers his lectures without the aid of notes, so each course will be tailored to the class dynamics.
A lovely man who brings 4,000 years of theory into a modern system which can be adapted to individual needs! All theories are backed up with demonstrations and my tennis elbow is still pain free after one Demo treatment!!
My practice is definetly benefiting check out my testimonials for yourself
Thanks so much
Dave Shipsey~Dave Shipsey, Ireland

I really enjoyed the course and would advise anyone to attend to get the full benefit of Dr Tan’s amazing enthusiasm and knowledge.
He explains his system with a logical, step by step approach and constantly reinforces what has been learnt.
My patients are already benefitting from the increased confidence and knowledge gained.
So please thank Dr Tan for a wonderfully instructive, entertaining and stimulating 4 days. To be able to share in his lifetimes work is a privilege and pleasure. Thank you.~Janet Eastwood, UK

I attended the teaching course recently in London, August 8th-11th inclusive.
It was the most enjoyable acupuncture course I have attended in years.
Dr. Tan’s meridian conversion balance and his systematic analytical teaching approach was not only enjoyable and refreshing but also invaluable for acupuncture practice.
I have already introduced the method with wonderful success.
Thank you, best study leave & money spent.
Sheree O’Connor MCSP MBAcC~Sheree O'Connor, Ireland

The four day course in Dr Tan’s Balance Acupuncture method was a refreshing and eye opening experience. The method was well thought out and presented, making sense of how to use various classical Chinese theories. The effects of the method were amazing to see with benefits being seen as people were being treated. I was very impressed and asked a patient of mine to attend to receive treatment from Dr Tan. I had had some success with this patient who had residual pain after a bout of shingles. Dr Tan’s treatment was simple and effective with my patient not taking pain relief for the first time in about a week and returning to work after six weeks at home. I have repeated Dr Tan’s treatment and my patient is reaping the benefits, as his photophobia has started to reduce. I have started to incorporate Dr Tan’s method into my everyday treatments and have found that the treatments are quick and effective.
I am looking forward to attending more courses in the future.~Renzo Tat, UK

Thanks for the wonderful congress with Dr. Tan. We learned a lot and had a great time in Berlin.~Joost & Anita Steenbeek, Holland

I would definately like to echo fellow participant comments in that I found the 4 days truly inspirational and groundbreaking.I have already started to use Dr.Tan’s Balance Method for my patients-naturally it’s lifelong learning but I feel optimistic that it will improve my patient numbers dramatically.I would be grateful if you could send me information for future supplementary courses with you or Dr.Tan.
Thanks for all your organizational skills throughout the course.~Amanda Silcock, UK

Dear Dr. Tan,
It was a privilege to attend your seminar and see you at work and listen to your many anecdotes and case histories. I enjoyed it immensely. I have started to implement your Balance Method which is beautiful in its simplicity and symmetry. I understand your emphasis on the 1,2,3 , I find that if I go through these steps then the treatment becomes clearer and I become confident in the method.
I am already seeing benefits in my patients using the mirroring and imaging methods. I have used the Global Balance method on some patients too.I only attended the first 2 days because of previous commitments but look forward to being able to attend day 3 and 4 next time.Many, many thanks. Howard~Howard Gough, UK

I attended Dr. Tans course in London recently. I was already slightly familiar with the Balance Method but my success rate was not very reliable. Having read the book (Acupuncture 1,2,3) before attending the course definitely made it easier to grasp but you really need to attend the course to see how Dr. Tan fine tunes the application according to the clients feedback. You cannot get this insight by the book alone. I have now used Dr. Tans “fine tuning” with amazing results. One of my clients said that “it was nothing short of miraculous”.
I had a client recently with severe neck and shoulder pain, numbness in one arm and she was unable to make a fist. Within minutes all her pain and numbness was 100% gone and she had full use of her hand again. It’s fun to see this bewildered look on my clients face as they were not expecting such an immediate response. Dr. Tan has restored by faith in acupuncture for pain relief.~Ken O'Connor, Ireland

Thank you too for a fantastic seminar! I really enjoyed it, and have used Dr Tan’s methods on several patients already with great effect. I still need to sort things out in my head though as there was so much information! But it all made so much sense.
Please pass on my thanks to Dr Tan for sharing his methods with us. Shall never forget ‘1, 2, 3’!~Christine Fletcher, UK

This course has made me very confident in my work, and I enjoyed every second of it. Dr Tan is remarkable indeed. Best wishes, Natasha.~Natasha Tauber, UK

I‘d like to thank you very much for organising a truly inspiring seminar!
Please convey my deepest gratitude to Dr Tan for sharing his lifetime work, knowledge and achievements.~June Beaton, UK

It was such a pleassure to attend the seminar in Denmark, and it has by far been the best acupuncture seminar I have been to. Worth every penny spent, and more.
I have used the Method on all my patients since I came home, and have had success with each one. I call it the Halleluja method, and my patients agree. Now I am really looking forward to see my patients back to confirm the success of the method.~Siv Almbakk, Norway

Dr Tan needs to be recognised as one of the most important scholars of acupuncture in the entire history of Chinese medicine. Previous famous Masters may have been able to achieve miraculous results but Dr Tan can achieve the same and can also explain to others in a clear, concise, and poetic way exactly how to master the systems and gain such results for yourself. There are many insights into the genius of acupuncture in the classics but Dr Tan unties the riddles, thank you Dr Tan.~Scott Smallwood, QLD, Australia

Finally a teacher like Dr Tan arrives to explain why and how acupuncture can be so powerful. Not many teachers will treat 6-10 people at the end of a lecture and produce instant results like he showed us. We were carefully and clearly taken step by step through a method that I’m already finding is producing amazing results in my practice. Dr Tan said that Acupuncture should be logical and not empirical which is a relief, because it means we can take the art back to its roots which are the classical works based on concepts from the I Ching, and then bring ti to life ourselves.~Hamish Brown, Australia

Thanks for an awesome class in Melbourne – my human and animal patients are enjoying the great treatments…I have had great success… I have had a copy of Dr Tan’s notes (1998 version) for nearly 9 yrs – THE CLASS was just awesome , bringing clarity to the information have had but could not make sense of it– It was singing to me within the first 10 mins of the first lecture. I can’t tell you how happy I am after attending this lecture.~Garry Bright, Australia

I did the course in London the other week and am loving the results I am getting. Today a lady with neck pain for 3 years said it felt 100% improvement using the balance method, as did a lady with arthritis type hip pain, as did another with plantar fasciitis. So you are absolutely right it is FUN.
Look forward to meeting you again, I so enjoyed your lectures, the 4 days were so worth it. with warm gratitude.~Colette day, UK

Dr Tan’s Australian seminar changed the way I practice acupuncture. I must admit, I started off rather sceptical, on philosophical grounds rather than any argument as to the effectiveness of his method. I rarely allow any one method to influence me that much, but I have to say, Dr Tan is the first to gain my absolute focus.
There was a refreshing dash of humour in his delivery, application of effective teaching techniques, and definitive explanations for many unexplained areas of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Dr Delphine Armand also proved to be a wonderful and attentive organiser and resident Veterinary expert on Dr Tan’s technique with animals. Even I got interested in Veterinary acupuncture – never thought that would happen!
Since attending Dr Tan’s seminar, I use only his method in my practice. I’ve cancelled all other seminars for the future and saving for when Dr Tan comes to Australia again (hopefully) in 2012. If that fails, I’m attending his seminars in the US.
What more can I say, Australia is blessed that Dr Tan even comes here.~Elisa Loi-Yan Yip, Australia

just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful Dr Tan training you organized in Sydney earlier this month.
It was extremely well organized and you always seemed to be one step a head of the group, providing answers to questions and just generally making sure we all got the most from the experience. I can’t remember a training that has excited & inspired me more than Dr Tan’s but a great presenter can be made to look less than great if the administrative and organizing details are not taken care of. In this respect I feel you did an excellent job and once again would like to say thank you for your work over the four days and to please keep me informed of other Dr Tan seminars/trainings in the future.~Glenn Turner, Australia

I am very pleased to say that attending this course was money well spent, it was worth travelling from New Zealand for. I have only been in a clinical practise for 3 years and attending this course has helped in more ways than one. The 1,2,3, method is understandable, makes sense and it works. This method gives clients confidence in acupuncture as results are felt almost instantly leaving the clients amazed and providing very good feedback. I have all of doctor Tans books and found that he does not hide anything, it’s all in the books, easy to follow and understand – I recommend them . Thanks heaps, I will be at the next one for sure.~Kane Monrad, Hamilton, New Zealand

I am so very happy to say that Dr Tan’s Show is the best Acupuncture Course I have attended since graduating in TCM in 1988. Dr Tan is an inspiring teacher whose down to earth style and humour made this a very enjoyable experience. The content was very relevant and made much of my previous studies more useable and applicable. Since the course I have used these processes extensively and have been very impressed with the immediate results. I will attend any and every course with Dr Tan that is available to me. With deepest gratitude.~Jacqualine O'Brien

What a fantastic course. Master Tan presented everything he promised and more.
The course was information packed. By the end of each day I felt as though my head was about to explode. My small brain was stretched to full capacity.
I returned to NZ and immediately implemented what I had learnt- with every patient. For the first week I used my old methods, followed by Master Tan’s. My concern was my lack of experience in this new method, coupled with my desire to give each patient the best treatment. After afew miracles I grew in confidence and now I usually practise MT’s method only. If I do not get instant results I know it is my application, i.e. the wrong channel, other channels, a better ashi point should have been selected.
I feel like a kid with a new gift of beautiful coloured paints. I love this system. It is logical. There is method and when mastered endless potiential.Thank you Delphine and Master Tan, book me into the next seminar.~Emmeline Taylor, New Zealand

I learnt more in three days than what I did in four years at university. 1,2,3 balance method will be forever stored in my memory. Thankyou for the amazing results I am achieving for my patients using your method.The smiles I see from my patients using this method is fantastic.~Damian Somerville

I am happy to endorse Dr Tan’s workshop which encorporates the classic Chinese Gua, I Ching, Yin Yang, and hexagram interpretation for meridian and balance techniques. It is the most logical and his teachings are systematic and follow a structure that can be followed by beginners and advanced acupuncturists. The technique of balancing the body are phenomenal, and the proof is in the 10 second “cures” of both acute and chronic pain that Dr Tan demonstrates to the class with real patients.
Dr Tan’s sense of humour shines through, which makes the teachings a true ” Dr Tan Show”, hilarious, entertaining, informative.
This is without a doubt one of the best workshops I have ever attended.I recommend it for any TCM practitioner.~Dr. Elaine Cebuliak, D.V.M.

This was the 2 nd time I’ve been to dr. tan seminar. Taken the class for the 2 nd time, I learn much more than the first time and I don’t get bored at all. Will definitely looking forward to the 3 rd time attending dr.tan class.~Wayne

Dear Delphine and Dr. Tan, a thousand thank-you’s for a wonderful seminar in Sydney. You really did deliver everything you promised in this seminar – and more.
I have been using your methods for approx 60-70% of my patients, but want to get it even higher. I still am studying and each day gets me closer and closer to going 100% of Dr Tan’s method.~Grant Pearse

I would like to say thank you for coming to Australia! I found your seminar brilliant, entertaining and user friendly. Thanks for clarifying and explaining in three days, what I feel they forgot to tell us about using the fundamentals of Acupuncture and channel theory. You made it easy to understand and apply instantly in the clinic.
Firstly, I have found that Dr Tan methodology has enabled me to confidently tackle difficult cases, because there is an analysable and easily duplicable treatment approach. This has allowed me to simply analyse other treatment point strategies including my own previous treatments, so that I am able to understand why one treatment worked and another one failed, or which treatment of several options would be better suited to the patient.
Secondly, I have found that Dr Tan’s methodology has opened up my treatment options, so that I can treat my patients in any position which is more suitable, comfortable and assessable. This allows greater flexibility and versatility in treatments.
Lastly, I have found that the results are fast and apparent to both the patient and practitioner. This has increased patient compliance and referrals.
I look forward to meeting you again in 2012.~Mark Vanniekerk, Brisbane, Australia

My feedback is very simple- excellent all round….highly enjoyable, highly interesting, highly effective!!!!~Lee Moden

The seminars were the best I have attended for a very long time. More importantly it works and has injected new life into my practice of acupuncture. I look forward to Dr Tan\’s visit in 2011!~Edmond Williams

My decision to attend the 4 days is one of the best I ever made. Dr Tan has changed the way I practice acupuncture – forever ! [..] Dr Tan’s teaching ability is the best I have ever encountered. The structure of the seminar meant that he took us on a journey that began with elementary introduction to the Balance Method and building smoothly and swiftly to sophisticated and advanced clinical principles and techniques.[…] Dr Tan allowed me to see not only the incredible beauty of the Ba Gua but how it can come alive and be the most useful of tools. […] Since my return home from the seminar, I have used the Balance Method almost exclusively. The results have been staggering. Patients with complex conditions of long standing have suddenly “turned the corner” and feel that they are now definitely getting better. Amazing.[…] I would like to be counted as one of Dr Tan’s loyal students. I bow in reverence and gratitude for his genius and generosity.~Paul Du Plessis

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and send a big thank you to Dr Tan for the best four days spent in learning new techniques in Acupuncture and new ways of thinking in Chinese Medicine overall.
He added an extra special flavour to his lectures with his great personality and openness. His willingness to answer all our questions, to explain things in depth, and to share his knowledge and experience with the audience are greatly appreciated.
I have already tried his techniques on my patients and have had very good results so far. As Dr Tan already said – ‘It really works!’.
As for the organisation, everything was the best – location, classroom, schedule, assistants ….
I look forward to another Dr Tan’s seminar/conference.~Dr. Anna T.Memic.

1. the teaching: accessility of knowledge was excelent, i personaly had no problems to follow as I had lot of “broken pieces” of some facts and knowledge that came to me from my past encounters with other people/doc/books and found very inspiring to realise during the seminar how they were connected or come from or what is a progresion of what or simply make a “picture with meaning”; seems like every question was addressed and answer was given “with heart” to make the person to get it; demonstration was great, wish only for more cases! Started to practice in 1 day, that was amazing!!!! Absolutely right: 1,2,3 and result must follow!
2. room was well equiped, that made a few adjustments (room temperature, microphone etc) to be done quick and efficient
warm regards~Oksana Kozak.

I´m very happy and satisfied with the conferences and with the results in my treatments. Thank you very much and please, I want to receive in the future the things that Doctor Tan is going to do in Europe. Thanks again Delphine.~Dr. Cristina.Valera , D.V.M.

i enjoyed pretty much everything about the seminar. it made my training make sense for the first time in 17 years and i enjoyed it immensely. the teaching was excellent, mixed with humour and excellent content. i am still not overly confident with it but i am loving using the information.
organisation was excellent. location was easy to find and good in all aspects. i only didnt like being underground but it is a small point.~Glenn Lobo

Another Great few days with Dr Tan, Great information and a breath of fresh air into my acupuncture world! already telling my diabetes patients to have fresh lime each day! Only feed back would be on the venue, it was perfectly good but being in a basement all day a bit stuffy, but hay thats the way it goes.~Sam Hargreaves

– Cristal clear, practical, step by step, and with a lot of humour. Top class teaching , we were thrilled to be there. We have been using dr Tan’s balance method for at least 10 – 15 years now, but as it seems in a simplified way. Probably because we have been taught a “distilled” version in our time and dr Tan has evolved since.
– In spite of that, we allways have had exellent results , for which we are very gratefull , and it was a surprise and pleasure to expand the possibilities in our practice with the material of the London course. Amazing and fun. Using lots of the taught material since the very first monday after the weekend , every day of the week.
– Personally I am happy that we started with this simpified way of balancing a patient, learning through years of personal experience led us to be able to understand the London classes easilly.
– Organisation was great, clear and caring. We did miss daylight in the classroom.~Dr. Dolores Puertas Navarro and Dr. Albert Snijders , D.V.M.



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