ShifuGoodbye3bIt deeply saddens us to announce the passing of Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan.Dr. Tan touched the lives of countless people in immeasurable ways. He was beloved by thousands of people across the globe for his wisdom, inspiration, humor and compassion. He tirelessly shared his teachings with innumerable practitioners for three decades.We know that many people will be shocked at this news and will be hoping to find answers and more information. However, we ask that you respect Dr. Tan’s family, friends, apprentices and office team by not emailing or calling us with questions about Dr. Tan’s illness and death. In our grief, we are unable to share more details or respond directly. Also, Dr. Tan requested that the main topics of future conversations in the acupuncture community (on websites, Facebook, forums, etc.) be focused on the medicine.Please honor his wishes by discussing his life and teachings rather than his death and passing. Thank you for your love and support. May we all bring Dr. Tan’s laughter and joy into the world.If you want to pay tribute to our dear teacher and friend, please add your message to his online memorial page.